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Is Black Mold the worst kind of mold?

The most common myth is that BLACK MOLD is the only kind of dangerous mold, but the truth is no one can identify if a mold is toxic “JUST BY COLOR” without the use of trained biologists in a certified laboratory. When there is a mold to be identified we test the air in that area as well as get surface samples to send to the lab.  Beware of inspectors or “so-called” mold professionals that tell you “If it’s not BLACK you have nothing to worry about”.  This is NOT TRUE!!

Cheap or Inexpensive Testing is NOT safe

To save heartache having an experienced Mold Testing Company is your best protection against inaccurate results and further health diagnosis.  Calling anyone you find on Google just to come and run a simple air test alone, offering you a discount or bringing in an inexperienced inspector or technician will ALWAYS result in you having to hire another mold inspector like us for interpretation of your test results and lack of a thorough inspection will miss the cause of your health problems in the first place.  Don’t waste time and money!

Federal, State & City Regulations

Mold testing, Mold Inspection & Mold Assessment and Reporting is sadly an unregulated industry. No EPA, Federal, State or City regulations or guidelines for mold inspection or mold testing are in existence.  For this reason, people who are ill are at a higher risk of being taken advantage of by “discount” companies offering “Price Matches” or giving you a menu of solid pricing.  They are simply in the business to make money off of you and are NOT in the business of getting to the bottom of your health issues.  HomeTestingPros is in the business of finding ALL of the toxic dangers in your home, testing them and making you aware of your options that can hopefully help you make an informed decision to protect your health.