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Symptoms Of Mold Exposure

Symptoms of Mold Exposure

If you Google “Symptoms of Mold Exposure” you’ll find a lot of “Inaccurate” & frankly, outdated and dangerous information about symptoms.  You’ll find websites copying and pasting “minor” symptoms from government agencies or mold testing and remediation businesses that are completely WRONG that downplay the “REAL” symptoms that can happen.

The real truth and the “Scientifically-Proven” truth is that symptoms of mold exposure are WAY MORE SERIOUS than the internet would have you believe.


Exposure to toxic mold can affect many systems in the body at the same time, which causes a person to have multiple symptoms. If you are experiencing 5 or more of these symptoms, you could be suffering from mold illness as a result of mold exposure:

Fatigue | Weakness | Aches | Muscle Cramps | Strange Pain | Ice Pick Pain | Headache | Dizziness | Lightheaded | Light Sensitivity | Red Eyes | Blurred Vision | Black Eye Floaters | Tearing  | Sinus Pressure | Prolonged Cough | Shortness of Breath | Abdominal Pain  | Diarrhea/Constipation | Joint Pain | Morning Stiffness | Non refreshed sleep on waking | Memory Issues | Hair Loss | Focus/Concentration Issues | Word Recall Issues | Decreased Learning of New Knowledge | Confusion | Disorientation | Skin Rashes | Skin Sensitivity | New Onset Food Sensitivities | Mood Swings | Anger or Rage | Appetite Swings | Sweats (especially night sweats) | Temperature Regulation or Dysregulation Problems | Excessive Thirst | Increased Urination | Static Shocks | Numbness | Anxiety/Panic Attacks | Tingling | Vertigo | Metallic Taste | Tremors

Surviving Toxic MoldIf you think this list is extensive, check out the list from   SurvivingToxicMold is doing a great job of documenting “proven” symptoms and making people aware of the false diagnosis of other illnesses by doctors that can be rooted in cause to having been exposed to dangerous “Mycotoxin” from water damaged buildings.

Being exposed to mold can cause several Environmental Illnesses like CIRS, Mold Illness, MCAS, MCS, Asthma and more!!


If you or a loved-one is experiencing any of these symptoms, your first line of defense is to “Properly” test your home for toxic mold.  HomeTestingPros is the only company that strictly focuses on training it’s technicians on the proper tests to run for “Environmentally Ill” customers.  Don’t take a chance by googling the cheapest mold tester in your area and risk missing the “proper way” of testing homes for “mold illness”.  We know what we’re looking for and we know how to test your home to give you the answers you need to make informed decisions about your health.  BOOK YOUR TESTING TODAY