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No Conflict of Interest Pledge

Many companies who test for dangerous substances like toxic mold will also offer to remove the mold or “remediate”.  This type of business practice is bad and creates what is called a “conflict of interest”.  This means that the same people that are giving you test results are the same people that are going to tell you how much mold you have and how much it’s going to cost to remediate your home.

The good news about HomeTestingPros is that our testing professionals are only going to “TEST” and “INSPECT” your home for things that could make you or your family ill.  This gives you as a customer,  peace of mind and avoids any conflict of interest.

Because our purpose is only to test and NOT to clean up the mold or remove it we are dedicated to serving you by presenting to you accurate and unbiased test results that you can then use to hire someone of your choice to come and remediate mold or remove other unwanted substances from your home.  You have our “No Conflict of Interest Pledge” and will not have to worry about our technicians trying to scare you or come up with pricey repair estimates.