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HomeTestingPros was founded by a team of individuals who were directly affected by toxic indoor environments.  We’ve seen personally what being exposed to toxins can do to ourselves and our loved ones.  From severe toxic mold poisoning, to asthma and multiple auto-immune diagnosis our founders have made it their mission to help families uncover the possible connection to their failing health to toxins in their home or work environment.

HomeTestingPros is a professional Indoor Air & Environment testing service.  We specialize in testing the homes, schools and workplaces of people who either suffer from CIRS, Toxic Mold Illness, Sick Building Syndrome, MCS, Auto-Immune disorders, Fungal Infections, Allergies, Asthma & Respiratory Illnesses, Lyme Disease or other Immune disorders, Cancers and more.

We know that toxic mold suppresses the immune system, dis-regulates the endocrine system, invades the respiratory system and also causes mutations and DNA/cell death.  For this reason we are completely committed to helping you and your family escape the perils of a potentially toxic environment and helping you get to the root cause.

HomeTestingPros is the top “health-focused” mold inspection and testing company in US and the best choice if you are looking for a way to know if your indoor environment is non-toxic/safe for you, your family and pets.

Our Testing Services

HomeTestingPros “also” offers more detailed testing that other companies may not pursue that might be contributing to your overall toxic load exposure in the environment where you spend your time.  Depending on what your Our main testing services focus on “unbiased” mold investigation & inspection,  moisture detection, mold detection and mold testing.

HomeTestingPro finds, they will recommend an additional service ONLY if they see it as a possible toxin to pursue testing.  Our additional testing services can include: Additional deeper inspection into possible structural issues, Moisture testing, Hidden mold investigations, Testing of VOC’s, Dust Mites, Dangerous Bacteria, Formaldehyde testing, Fecal coliform testing, Meningitis testing, Water Supply testing, Harmful Chemicals, Meningitis testing, Odors and odor investigation, Smoke or Tobacco, Radon Testing, EPA TO15, Petroleum testing and more……

Our Team
Mark Parker, Founder/Co-Owner, President Of Sales & Business Development

Mark Parker, Founder/Co-Owner, President of Sales & Business Development

Mark is a graduate of Wayne State Universtity with a focus on Marketing and Finance and brings over 40 yrs of sales & business development experience as well as 20 yrs of business ownership.

Lead Generation
Business Development
Jennifer Cannon, Founder/Co-Owner, President Of Marketing & Business Strategy

Jennifer Cannon, Founder/Co-Owner, President of Marketing & Business Strategy

Jennifer has over 25 years of executive level Marketing strategy and execution experience and 10 yrs of first-hand Toxic Mold injury, research, publishing and study.  She has been an advocate for mold sufferers since 2012.

Web Design
Network Strategy
Tony Pomales, President of Product Solutions, Field Training & Indoor Quality

Tony Pomales, President of Product Solutions, Field Training & Indoor Quality

Tony has 40 years experience “in the trenches” of the toxic mold business: (Including Inspection, Testing & Remediation)  He brings an exceptional amount of industry experience and product knowledge to the table.

Product Management
Scientific Research & Mold Experience
Team Training
Indoor Air Quality Building Science

Staying on top of the latest research in indoor building science and it’s relationship with human health

Environmental Illness Research

Keeping up with new Medical Research linking modern symptoms to environmental causes

Eco Friendly & Holistic Expertise

Keeping our mission focused on natural causes and holistically educating our technicians

Mold Testing Pledge
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